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Volume 1, has name, date of admission, and remarks on membership status, with an index at the back.
Between 18, the German population increased almost tenfold, and in 1860, 30 of Cincinnatis population was of German stock.
The Donauschwaben Society, formed by the Danube-Swabians who came to Cincinnati from Eastern Europe, still exists and has its own clubhouse.
The flagship location is located in the village of Montgomery, in the northeast suburbs.Swiss Colonization Society Records in German: A Translation Project (Utica, KY: McDowell Publications, 1990).The main article for this sexforbrydere registreringsdatabasen iowa category is, born in Hamilton County, Ohio.There were six other Turner societies in Cincinnati, in Cumminsville (1870-1895 West End (1881-1910 North Cincinnati/Corryville (1881-1932 Lick Run (1881-1888 and Norwood (1905-1938 as well as the German Hungarian Turners (1916-1918).There were three German morning newspapers and one evening paper.Charleston: History Press, 2012.Chla also has manuscript collections for Cincinnati Männerchor (Mens Choral Group Unterstützungsverein Deutscher Männer (German Mens Relief Society Deutschen Mandolin Klub, and Deutschen Schutzengesellschaft (German Shooting Society).The 1870 census, which most often records the German state of birth, shows the origins of the 49,442 Germans in Cincinnati as shown below. .5,831 Germans lived in Hamilton County outside Cincinnati in 1870.Secular newspapers The Hamilton County Genealogical Society has an index to death notices in four German newspapers before 1920. .

Volume 2, starting in 1866, and Volume 3, starting in 1881, list birthdate, citizenship, military regiment, village and state of birth, date of admission, business or trade, and remarks, for about 3,000 members.
Alexander Hamilton som var USAs første finansminister.
8 German state of origin Number Percentage Prussia (not specified) 3,075.1 Hannover 2,898.4 Bavaria 1,018.9 Oldenburg 877.6 Hessen 491.8 Baden 266.6 Württemberg 252.5 Saxony 230.2 Other states 1,111.9 These percentages arent precise.
In 1820 Germans made up just 5 of the population.Only 67 passengers coming to Cincinnati are listed with Westfalen (part of Prussia after 1815) as their state of origin in this database, although many more Westphalians came to Cincinnati.This book has abstracts of long obituaries, most with birthplaces, for ministers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.The records and periodicals of this society have detailed genealogical information.In 1915 it was estimated that these societies had 11,800 members.The Turners organized the 9th OVI.Vorstandsbericht über das Vereinsjahr deutscher Pionier Verein von Cincinnati, annual with obituaries, is in plch and ARB.The Museum also has group photographs, with each person identified, for members of Deutsch-Ungarische Arbeiter Männerchor, Deutsch-Ungarische Gewerbe Unterstützungsverein, Badater Deutschen Frauen Kranken Unterstützungsverein, and Deutsch-Ungarische Damen Kranken Unterstützungsverein.A Sunshine Laws Certification Training session is being offered on Thursday, March 29, 2018, at Frame USA, 225 Northland Boulevard, Springdale, OH 45246.